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Fully Printed Zip Hoodie

$ 65.00
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Our Zip Hoodie is a great solution for events taking place during colder or windier days. It is also matches perfectly with our Fully Printed Tees. Parties with friends and group outings will never look the same. Make it in your team or club colors to represent unity and your unique style.

You can customize every inch of this hoodie. Add your logos, create patterns or choose any color or design you want. It is all possible because our hoodies are made from scratch, each element printed separately, cut and sewed together in our sewing room.

The premium synthetic fabric we use is soft with a slightly shine. Thanks to that it looks awesome when fully printed, with fully saturated colors that won’t fade, crack or peel. It also has thermoactive properties so you won’t over sweat in it.

Every piece is quality checked and ironed.

Product Features:
  • Long zipper allows better adaptation to surrounding temperature and in the case of wearing our Fully Printed T-shirt gives the opportunity to show it off.
  • Fully printed hood protects from cold and wind
  • Hood laces in design matching color
  • Two side pockets which will comfortably store your belongings like a wallet, keys or a phone
  • Sleeves and bottom of the hoodie finished with soft cuffs that prevent twisting
  • Printed label without any rough edges

Full Custom Design

Need a little extra help creating the perfect kit for your team?
Ask our staff about design services!
Are you a designer? Use our templates to create design!


Save your money on design services. We got a perfect solution for you. Choose from one of our free designs and we will modify colors, place names, logos and numbers without any charge!
  1. Body length
    • Lay your current hoodie or sweatshirt flat on a hard surface with the front of the hoodie facing up,
    • Place the measuring tape at the seam where the collar band attaches to the sleeve and measure straight down the middle of the front of the hoodie to the hem at its longest point.
  2. Chest width
    • Lay your current hoodie or sweatshirt flat on a hard surface,
    • Find the widest part of the hoodie, which should be between the armpits of the hoodie,
    • Measure straight across from the left of the hoodie to the right of the hoodie.

If in doubt, or in-between sizes, choose bigger size!

Jerseys Clinic - Custom Hoddie or Sweatshirt - Sizing Chart

A 63 65 67 69 71 73 75 77
B 53 55 58 62 65 67 71 74
1. Design
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2. Send Message
Send us a message with basic order details, we will back to You with the offer!
3. Confirm details
Once the offer is accepted we have to confirm details before the production starts
4. Production & shipping
Done! We will do a quality check and ship Your order by DHL Express!

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